About Damn Time

by Marcelo Ambriz

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A culmination of inspiration from a wholesome product of California hip hop.


released September 7, 2012



all rights reserved


MC CELO Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Did to Us
I don’t even know what I wanna say,
but i’m gonna write until all these feelings gone away,
y’all don’t wanna play, my rhymes are like vitamins,
they’re good for my health and I need at least one a day,
and thats how I keep myself relevant,
at least in my own mind, thats what I keep tellin it,
i’m about as, underground,
stockton as you can get, but they heard of me in other towns,
and I keep rappin even though they want another sound,
I respect dubstep, and electro,
and I can make that shit, but I just can’t let go,
of the ghetto, where I threw up my set yo,
cus thats where I got my respect yo,
but cultural change don’t make me upset tho,
heck no, from the get go, celo ain’t never gonna trip,
cus they know me, they know I never stick to the script,
sponta, neous,
in stockton, they need us,
so they recieve us,
like general grievous,
words on a page,
until i die of old age,
or until I set the world ablaze,
either way, it’ll just be another phase,
in the end, its just another craze,
I don’t need no promo, from no homo,
who thinks he can do that shit solo,
cus I already know everything he don’t know,
you gotta do what you love, pro bono,
lookin back, its okay to look ridiculous,
as long as behind the scenes you look meticulous,
and I tried to play it off until it paid off,
but its hard for a guy like me to be inconspicuous,
thats what the game done did to us
Track Name: Cali Dream
I just needed a little bit of time,
to be venus for a little bit, and shine,
brighter than any star in the sky,
so better get in line,
why, cus I’ve been divine,
and if you’re into her, she’s probably into mine,
cus a style like this is in decline,
trendsetter, that turns fools into bed wetters,
a jet setter, girls don’t really get wetter,
than when i’m on the mic, they want me to beat it up like mayweather,
and I just get better,
track after track, there’s no comin back after that,
best believe I’m the master, jack
I eat everyone then come back for scraps,
got game comin out my sweat glands,
get on the stage and start soakin up my head band,
You try to front but I got you with a red hand,
in cali, we get tans,
but not the spray kind,
hit the beach in the day time,
then at night, best believe its game time,
the only place you can be hot and cold at the same time

and I really don’t give a fuck

cus all I wanna do is live it up,

so I do what I have to,

cus i got a lifestyle to get back to,

and I feel awesome,
any haters I can toss them,
or boss them, around
either way they play possum,
with my word play, I just lost them,
but it’ll cost them,
I’m light years ahead,
I’m too strong, better take a light beer instead,
I wasn’t meant to be taken lightly,
but if you don’t like me, I bet you’ll like my nikes,
is where I live, and where I give,
everything that made celo who he is,
and now i’m back with a new strategy,
to bring the inspiration out of me,
thank those who doubted me,
but I don’t dwell on the past,
I just try to innovate the future,
and maybe make a little bit of cash,
I keep livin the dream,
gotta give em the cream,
thats how it is when you live in the scene