Did to Us

from by Marcelo Ambriz

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I don’t even know what I wanna say,
but i’m gonna write until all these feelings gone away,
y’all don’t wanna play, my rhymes are like vitamins,
they’re good for my health and I need at least one a day,
and thats how I keep myself relevant,
at least in my own mind, thats what I keep tellin it,
i’m about as, underground,
stockton as you can get, but they heard of me in other towns,
and I keep rappin even though they want another sound,
I respect dubstep, and electro,
and I can make that shit, but I just can’t let go,
of the ghetto, where I threw up my set yo,
cus thats where I got my respect yo,
but cultural change don’t make me upset tho,
heck no, from the get go, celo ain’t never gonna trip,
cus they know me, they know I never stick to the script,
sponta, neous,
in stockton, they need us,
so they recieve us,
like general grievous,
words on a page,
until i die of old age,
or until I set the world ablaze,
either way, it’ll just be another phase,
in the end, its just another craze,
I don’t need no promo, from no homo,
who thinks he can do that shit solo,
cus I already know everything he don’t know,
you gotta do what you love, pro bono,
lookin back, its okay to look ridiculous,
as long as behind the scenes you look meticulous,
and I tried to play it off until it paid off,
but its hard for a guy like me to be inconspicuous,
thats what the game done did to us


from About Damn Time, released September 7, 2012



all rights reserved


MC CELO Los Angeles, California

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